Join the ranks of the most innovative companies in the world who use CogniStreamer.  Companies like Bekaert, Case New Holland, ThyssenKrupp, Philip Morris Intl. and many more.  The CogniStreamer team of professionals stands by ready to learn more about your challenges and show you how CogniStreamer can help you achieve your goals.

CogniStreamer® is the innovation management software choice of the world's most innovative organizations.

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Welcome to the world of CogniStreamer®

Building Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems

The CogniStreamer® team of professionals stands by,  ready to learn more about your challenges and show you how CogniStreamer® can help you achieve your goals.

For over a decade some of the most innovative companies in the world have relied on CogniStreamer. 


Our collaborative software can bring your team together.

Your best minds can contribute and help launch breakthrough innovations.

They can find the right experts when they need them.

And they can be rapidly responsive to the issues your organization faces in today’s competitive business environment.

Organizational Engagement

CogniStreamer is a collaborative tool.  Everyone on your team can be sharing information.  Think of it like Facebook, but it’s internal to your company and the only things people talk about are ideas.

Strategic Guidance

Our system accepts unsolicited ideas, but more importantly with CogniStreamer you can challenge your employees, partners, customers and the public by asking them to contribute to the issues you think are most important.

Persuasive Design

You don’t have to worry about getting people to participate. You don’t need rewards and you don’t need to bonus the team in order to get them into the system.  CogniStreamer’s Persuasive Design encourages team members to contribute.  Their eyes are led to what is most important and they are lured to click on the parts that are most significant.

Get Inundated with Ideas!

CogniStreamer’s clients don’t worry about not getting enough ideas. When you deploy CogniStreamer at your company your problem will be too many ideas!  Fortunately CogniStreamer’s social science algorithms will help you promote the best ideas automatically taking into account which ideas were voted on, discussed and viewed the most. 

The Jazz of Innovation

A unique feature of CogniStreamer is something everyone in business can appreciate:  CogniStreamer takes the best of Web 2.0 social software and couples it with good old fashion Management 1.0.  This means every idea goes through a rigorous business analysis and feasibility study before it moves on out of the system into production!

Obtain Breakthrough Innovation!

CogniStreamer can help your team produce the next product or service that helps you capture market share and turn it into revenue.  Users of CogniStreamer find it rapidly pays for itself in short order.

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